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I want to sleep in books.

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Valerie Hegarty

Famous paintings come to life in 3D sculptures of nature’s destructive tendencies.

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Dirty Martini(photo Karine Bey)


Dirty Martini
(photo Karine Bey)

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Loved this moment, just look at that smile.

Loved this moment, just look at that smile.


Being Creative with Make-up

The last few months I have carried out freelance work at the School of Make-up near Manchester. My role as a guest freelance make-up artist is to teach aspiring make-up artists wanting to have a career in make-up artistry through my Creative make-up techniques. So far teaching at SOM I have taught many looks including glitter techniques, airbrushing skills, body painting, embellished brows and more. I wanted to share with other make-up artists on my blog today what being creative means to me and how I can encourage you to be more creative when creating something different with make-up!

Creativity requires faith, faith in your vision, faith in your craft as an artist and faith that the creative process is working even though our rational mind cannot see how. 

Creativity requires courage and willpower to withstand criticism. Sometimes objections come from those who fail to grasp our vision as a make-up artist; however I have found when creating all my make-up looks, the harshest criticism comes from myself. 

Creativity requires the ability to concentration, and an ability to focus our energy into that one make-up look. I simply work every day at what I do. I don’t wait for inspiration to come to me. I continue to work, so that when inspiration does come you will already be working! Working each day, regardless of how you feel. This discipline keeps your make-up skills to point. become a busy artist rather than an idle one. A great way to keep working if you don’t have an actual make-up job is to experiment with make-up products at home and document the process from our phone. This is a great way to share to your followers. 

Creative people take action. Thinking creative thoughts is not being creative. There must be an action, a product, or a performance, some work done, some creation for there to be creativity. Sitting and dreaming is fine and I do this a lot , after all that’s where all my ideas come from, but action is what creates.  Action, even without thinking is better than waiting to think of the right thing to do. Dreamers often refuse to begin the work until they have thought up what it is they are supposed to do. They “think” too much without acting. To be successful in this industry It takes phone calls, drawings, emails, proposals, work plans, draft ideas, a note to or a conversation with someone to get the creativity started- such as networking with like minded creatives. Thinking is fine, but do not just think, act! Get started. Build momentum, even if it is the wrong direction, or you are confused about the direction. Once you see what it is you have done, or have produced, only then can you change the direction you are going in with your plan as a make-up artist. Even mistakes can lead you toward your goals. 


I do hope so all of the above points inspire you to being more confident in being a creative make-up artist. The first step is to fully devote yourself to developing your creative abilities within make-up artistry. Do not put off your efforts, even if they seem crazy at the time. Set goals, enlist the help of others and put time aside each day to develop your make-up skills.


Finally I have listed below my favourite products to get ‘creative’ with lately:


Sleek Make-up Molten Metals, £3.49 & Bare Skin Foundation, £8.99

Illamasqua Glamore Lipsticks, £18.50

Anastasia Beveryly Hills Dipbrows, £15.00

Temptu 2.0 System & Airpods  (Prices vary on system online)

Collection Colour Eye Palette, £3.99

Face Lace High Gloss brows, £4.95

OCC Lip Tars from the Unknown Pleasures A/W Collection, £11.95 each

Eldora False Lashes (Prices vary on style online)

Pinky Paradise Eye Contacts (Prices vary on colour online)


How do you keep creative?





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Forever reblog


Forever reblog

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